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Risk Management Technologies, Inc.

Addressing environmental concern is one important link in the chain for a successful commercial or industrial facility.

Environmental risk management seems endless... Due diligence assessments and audits... Siting and permitting new facilities... Modifying permits for new units at existing facilities or for new process... Emissions monitoring and reporting... Investigating the environmental consequences of past and present practices... Remediating the adverse environmental effects of past operations... Ensuring environmental management systems are up-to-date and used... Monitoring current and potential environmental regulatory changes... Formulating environmental planning strategies and risk and insurance financing programs for operating units or brownfield redevelopments and facility dispositions... These are just some of the many environmental activities that must be considered by commercial and industrial enterprises and/or performed when undertaking business and real estate transactions and maintaining operating entities.

There are sizeable civil and criminal liabilities associated with failing to properly manage such environmental issues. To avoid penalties and be a responsible corporate citizen, environmental risk management combined with environmental management systems and sustainable development should be prominent elements in any commercial enterprise. Effectively managing risk requires the knowledge of current and upcoming environmental regulatory requirements, monitoring and investigation techniques and technologies, pollution reduction and sustainable development strategies, environmental management strategies, and environmental insurance programs. Proactive environmental risk management calls for the ability to integrate appropriate elements of each risk management program. Risk Management Technologies, Inc. (RTM) brings solutions and closure to environmental challenges by developing links to effective environmental risk management programs for clients with commercial and industrial sites, units and processes; individual manufacturing facilities; real estate portfolios; and for corporations involved in business and real estate transactions.

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